Benefits of breast feeding

The World Health Organization recommends that mothers start breastfeeding. Concerning the health of baby, mother should keep breast feeding before baby is six month year old. Later, while continuing breastfeeding, infants should be provided with adequate and safe complementary foods to meet their increasing nutritional needs. Breastfeeding should last for two years or longer.

For baby

1.Breast milk can offer nutrients for the growth and development of infants at different stages and is a natural source of healthy food for infants.

2.Provide the earliest immune substances in life, such as antibodies and secreted immune proteins, which can increase the anti-infection ability of infants.

3.Growth factors, lactase and lipase in breast milk promote the development of infant digestive tract and help the digestion, absorption and utilization of breast milk.

4.The taurine and DHA in breast milk are important substances that promote the development of the baby’s nervous system. Breastfeeding promotes the development of infants’ sense of smell, taste, temperature, hearing, vision and touch.

5. The risk of metabolic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, hyperglycemia, diabetes, and coronary heart disease is significantly reduced in adulthood.

6. It is beneficial to the development of maxillary region, so as to reduce the occlusion error of teeth.

For Mother

1. It is conducive to uterine contraction, prevention of postpartum hemorrhage, and acceleration of lochia discharge.

2. During the period of breastfeeding, ovulation and menstruation can be inhibited, and postpartum contraception can be achieved.

3. Reduce the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

4. It is beneficial for the mother to consume the fat accumulated in the body during pregnancy and promote the body recovery of the mother.

For Family

1. Children who have been breastfed have stronger ability to resist pressure, and the risk of depression is relatively small in adulthood. This may be because the early physical contact between mother and child can give the child a sense of security and promote the feelings of mother and child.

2. In the process of breastfeeding, the contact and communication between mother and baby’s skin, language and sight can promote the establishment of mother and baby’s parent-child relationship, help baby’s emotional development, and make mother get psychological satisfaction.

3.The temperature of breast milk is suitable, and it can be fed directly, which is not easy to be polluted. The sucking speed and food consumption can be increased or decreased with the needs of the baby. It is economical, convenient and hygienic, which can reduce the pressure of family parenting to some extent.