Bottle material comparison

Before the baby is 6 months old, breast milk and formula are the main food for the baby, so the bottle plays an extremely important role in feeding the baby. There are many major brands and types of baby bottles on the market. The materials such as glass, PPSU, TRITAN, PP and PES make mother dazzling. The following is a comparative analysis of common bottle materials to provide professional purchasing advice for mother.

It can be seen from the above table that the PPSU milk bottle performs very well in various performances. PPSU is a kind of amber transparent material with excellent heat resistance (heat resistance temperature up to 207 ℃), which is widely used in medical equipment. PPSU milk bottle has the advantages of innocuity, high temperature resistance of glass milk bottle and lightness and falling resistance of plastic milk bottle. PPSU is a very safe bottle material with relatively expensive price. It has occupied the high-end bottle Market in Japan and Europe and America for a long time. When preparing the bottle for the newborn in advance, if mother is especially confused about the material, she can use the glass bottle in the first three months after the baby is born, and then change the PPSU bottle.

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