Breast changes after pregnancy

With the increase of estrogen secretion during pregnancy, the whole body blood flow of pregnant women will gradually speed up (which will also make pregnant women feel hot), and make the fat tissue and breast tissue in the breast hyperplasia and breast tube thickening. At this time, the breast will grow up quietly!

There are many other changes that come with breasts that women don’t like!

1. Breast pain

Breast is the granary after the baby is born. Therefore, during the whole pregnancy, the development of breast changes with the development of baby. The purpose is to meet the needs of lactation after delivery.

From the moment the fertilized egg strikes the wall, the hormones in the pregnant mother’s body begin to change. Among them, one of the obvious signs is that the breast is sensitive and distended. This is due to the increase of hormone level in the body of the mother to be. This kind of soreness is similar to the feeling of women before menstruation, but stronger. However, this symptom will improve significantly after 3 months of pregnancy! So your body will have adapted to the changes in pregnancy hormones by then!

2. The color of nipple and areola becomes darker

During pregnancy, the hormone in the body changes correspondingly, resulting in melanin precipitation, and the tissue cells in the breast quietly “Metamorphosis”, and the color of these two parts becomes darker. This is to tell mothers that the breast has begun to make a converter for future baby feeding – the breast is growing.

Darkening is also to help babies quickly find their nipples, because newborns can only recognize black and white. And when the mother’s breast color becomes darker, it’s easier for the baby to find the breast.

3. Stretch marks

As the pregnant mother’s belly grows larger, stretch marks appear on the belly. Some pregnant mothers will also grow “blue lines” and “red lines” on their breasts, which may even converge on their nipples. In fact, these “blue lines” are thickened blood vessels, and the slightly pink lines are stretch marks caused by skin tension and expansion.

4.Breast nodules

After pregnancy, nodules or lumps may appear on the breasts, they may be new, or they may have existed before, but they become more obvious after pregnancy. These nodules or masses can be cysts, fibroadenomas, or breast cysts (milk-filled cysts), all of which are common during pregnancy. However, if the growth rate is fast, the mass is fixed, and it is very painful and uncomfortable, go to the doctor as soon as possible!