Breast Pump cleaning

1. Use the liquid soap to wash your hand and dry with a clean towel.

2. Disassemble the sucking bra and the bottle, and use water to clean every accessory.

3. Use the special brush for bottle and bottle cleaning liquid is easier than use water to clean up the milk stains.

4. Boil disinfection. Put every accessory in the boiling water, and boil for another minute or so, then turn off the fire, after a while, use pliers to clip out the parts of the milk pump, be careful of the boiled water. We recommended that you use a special pot for boil disinfect, to reduce cross-contamination in the process of cooking food.

5. Sterilizer disinfection. Put all accessories inside the Sterilizer after cleaning. We suggest you trying to choose a sterilizer with a drying function. If there is no drying function, it must be dried with a clean towel after steam sterilization to reduce the growth of bacteria in a humid environment.

6. For example, you can place the accessory upside down on a clean paper towel to let dry by wind. Please make sure all the accessories are completely dry without any water droplets before installation. Put the dried breast pump into a clean bag or sealed container and take it out the next time you use it.

7. Sometimes you may not be able to disinfect after every careful cleaning, but you can disinfect once a day, or every other day.