Can you use a breast pump if the nipple is flat?

How to judge specifically:

Examination of flat or sunken nipples

Press the thumb and index finger toward the bottom of the nipple. If the nipple doesn’t protrude enough to be held by hand, your nipple may be flat or sunken.

One way to help flatten the papillary process is to place the thumb of both hands on both sides of the nipple, acting directly on the bottom of the nipple rather than around the areola. The two thumbs press hard against the breast tissue and pull out at the same time. This will allow the nipple to come out and relax the muscles at the bottom of the nipple. Repeat the stretch several times around the bottom of the nipple.

Sunken nipple

If the above movement does not help the papilla process, your nipple may be sunken. When the areola is squeezed, the sunken nipple retracts into the breast.

If you can’t judge, consult a professional doctor.

When the mother’s nipple is sunken or flat, the baby may have difficulty in sucking. Breast milk can be sucked out with the aid of a breast-feeding machine and fed with a bottle or spoon. After using the suction device for a period of time, its negative pressure will moderately suck out the inverted nipple and help the baby to hold the nipple.

Even if the baby can’t hold the milk well at present, it doesn’t matter. It’s necessary to suck the nipple for the baby frequently and many times every day. On the one hand, the mother’s body is accustomed to the milk spray reflex when feeling the baby’s soft skin and sucking. On the other hand, with the help of the baby’s suction, the nipple will be sucked out a little more.

At first, babies may be upset and cry easily because they can’t get breast milk, especially when they are young. Moms are also worried and anxious. When the baby is very noisy, stop it immediately. First calm their emotions, give them a breath of fingers, hold them and walk, or sing a song gently. Try again when the baby is quiet.

Some mothers’ breastfeeding process is difficult at the beginning. They should be patient and do not give up easily. Every day, we insist on sucking and feeding by ourselves. The sucking device helps the mother to maintain the milk quantity and make the nipple bulge. The feeding by ourselves makes the baby feel the warm embrace of the mother and establishes the unique emotional foundation between the mother and the baby. Over time, it is possible to make a smooth transition to breast-feeding.