Disinfection of baby’s basic products

1. Baby bottle pacifier disinfection

As the saying goes, “Illness comes from the mouth.” Supplies such as bottle nipples tend to leave milk stains and breed bacteria, so mothers need to pay special attention to cleaning and disinfection. The most commonly used method for disinfecting baby bottles and pacifiers is the boiling method. After the water is boiled, put the bottle pacifiers in it and remove them to dry after boiling. This method is relatively simple to operate. You only need to prepare a stainless steel pot for sterilization. However, if you use this method for sterilization and the boiling time is too long, which will easily cause deformation or damage of the baby bottle and pacifier. If the time is too short, the germ will not be completely killed.

Compared with the boiling method, the steam sterilization method is relatively convenient and worry-free. You need to buy a special baby bottle steam sterilizer first. Before each sterilization, you only need to thoroughly clean all the bottles, pacifiers and other items, and then put them in the steam pot together, press start, and wait for the steam to be disinfected. When the sterilization is done. The pot will automatically cut off the power, so mothers don’t have to stay by the side all the time.

However, some mothers are worried that long-term use of steam disinfection will easily cause the aging and deformation of plastic appliances and the release of harmful substances, which will endanger the baby’s health. Therefore, in recent years, ultraviolet sterilizers have been favored by more and more consumers. The bottles and pacifiers sterilized by the UV sterilizer are in a standby state to reduce secondary pollution. At the same time, UV disinfection is low-temperature disinfection, reducing the risk of burns during operation.

2. Toy classification clean

Toys are the items that babies come into contact with most often, but because they often play, babies’ toys are easily soiled and breed a lot of bacteria. Babies often use their mouths to bite toys, because this is an exploration way for them to start to understand the world and to know different materials, different shapes and different sizes of objects. Especially during teething, in order to ease the discomfort, the baby will often “close contact” with the toys, so mothers should often disinfect the baby’s toys.

Toys made of different materials have different processing methods, such as plastic and wooden toys. Mother is recommended to use toy-specific disinfectants for disinfection, which is much milder than ordinary disinfectants and reduces irritation. For plush toys, you can choose to scrub with baby clothes sterilizing laundry detergent, and repeatedly clean it with water, and finally dry it in the sun. For mouthpieces such as tooth gel or some heat and humidity resistant toys, it is recommended to use boiling high temperature disinfection. In recent years, ultraviolet sterilizers, which are becoming more and more popular, are easy to operate and have a wider range of application than boiling and steam sterilization. Whether it is pacifier tableware or toys of various materials, they can be put into sterilization.

3. Baby laundry

Generally speaking, baby’s non intimate clothes can be washed with adult’s clothes, but baby’s wearing in summer is thin, almost every one is intimate clothes, so it is suggested that mothers with conditions should wash baby’s clothes and adult’s clothes separately as much as possible. Secondly, the stains on baby’s clothes are milk stains, food juices and so on. It’s better to wash it immediately after being sprinkled, because the longer the waiting time is, the stain will penetrate into the fabric of the clothes, and it’s hard to wash it even if you rub it vigorously.

In the process of cleaning, it is recommended that mothers use special clothes washing products for babies, or choose washing products with sterilization effect. Because baby products are not only more targeted, but also relatively mild, reducing the irritation of baby skin. After cleaning, it can be exposed to the sun. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. It can also be used as a natural barrier for baby’s clothing disinfection. But the sunny weather is not every day, so at this time, the universal ultraviolet sterilizer began to show its strength. Don’t worry about the smell of baby’s clothes in rainy days.

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