Feeding misunderstanding

In 2008, a reaserch published in the Journal of cosmetic surgery showed that breast-feeding was not one of the causes of chest ptosis. And Dr Mary Jane Minkin, a professor of Obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University School of medicine, points out that pregnancy itself is the culprit. Therefore, please don’t hesitate or even resist breastfeeding for fear of affecting your body shape.

“Breast sagging has a lot to do with hormonal changes.” A woman’s hormone levels are constant before she gives birth, and her breasts remain in a fixed shape.

But after pregnancy, hormone levels change. The breasts gradually increase in response to hormone stimulation, which causes the ligaments that maintain the shape of the breasts to receive additional sustained traction. Whether the pregnant mother has breast feeding after childbirth or not, the continuous pulling of the breast ligament may lead to the phenomenon of postpartum breast ptosis. Therefore, pregnancy itself can lead to breast ptosis, and with the increase of pregnancy times, the phenomenon of breast ptosis may increase.

1. Age growth

The female’s chest changes with age. After the human body gets older, all kinds of performance of the body will decline, and the endocrine function of the body will also decline. Skin tissue began to degenerate, so the breast showed empty saccular ptosis. This type of sagging is unavoidable.

2. Unreasonable fast weight loss

We should try our best to avoid weight loss caused by improper diet. Because research shows that when a woman is obese, the skin of her chest will also stretch with her weight. After weight loss, the redundant skin of the chest did not disappear with the fat, and lost the support of the original tissue, thus sagging. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and stable weight at all times helps prevent sagging of the chest.

Some mothers gain too much weight during pregnancy, and their breasts increase too much. After pregnancy with children tired, fast weight loss, easy to aggravate the phenomenon of breast ptosis.

3. smoking

Smoking has many disadvantages to the body, even the chest can not escape the damage caused by cigarettes. It can lead to skin loss of elasticity, so quitting smoking can help to improve the phenomenon of breast sagging. Quitting smoking in pregnancy and lactation is not only to maintain good posture, but also to ensure the health of pregnant mothers, lactating mothers and children.

4. Exercising without sports bra

Women should wear sports bras when exercising. Because gravity and the shaking of running and jumping will pull the breast tissue, resulting in sagging. Sports bras are like body armor, which can effectively fix and protect the chest.