Galactosis / mastitis / breast abscess

Many novice mothers have had similar experience. Just after breast-feeding, the breast will be swollen and uncomfortable. It is painful to touch, let alone breast-feeding. Galactosis is a common disease of postpartum lactation women, which is more common in primipara, and 4-6 weeks postpartum is a high incidence period. Due to the lack of experience in lactation of primipara, the stomach capacity of newborn is small, and the milk can not be completely emptied after each lactation. In addition, some new mothers have congenital nipple depression or flat nipple, which increases the difficulty of sucking, resulting in milk deposition. Milk deposit is an ideal environment for bacteria growth. The infection of bacteria in the opening of mammary duct, the skin crack of nipple areola and other parts of postpartum can lead to the infection of breast. Mild patients may have acute mastitis symptoms such as lump pain and fever, and severe patients may have pyogenic changes, even need surgical treatment.

Coping methods: If you have a reasonable breastfeeding method and nipple protection measures, this disease can be prevented. Congenital malformations of the nipple should be actively corrected before or during the pregnancy. The nipples can often be washed with water during the middle and late pregnancy; the milk should be completely drained after each breastfeeding; pay attention to the baby’s oral hygiene and do not fall asleep with nipples in their mouth.