How does breast milk thaw?

Before giving your baby stored breast milk, you need to thaw frozen breast milk. Parents can thaw in the refrigerator in advance. After thawing to a liquid state, immerse them in warm water at 38-40 degrees, or re-warm in a milk warmer. Shake the bottle during the soaking process to ensure uniform heat and adequate heat penetration. Before feeding, gently shake the bottle breast milk again to mix the separated milk and milk.


Do not use boiled milk or boil breast milk for your baby, as this will destroy the nutrients in breast milk.

Do not use a microwave oven to heat breast milk. Microwave heating is not uniform, and it will cause the loss of breast milk nutrition and weaken the anti-infective ability of breast milk.

Parents should also note that frozen breast milk should be consumed as soon as possible after thawing, and secondary freezing should not be performed to avoid causing bacterial growth.

Do not continue to add fresh milk to frozen milk.

The heated breast milk cannot be reheated. If the baby has not finished eating, it should be throw in time, and it can’t be left until next time.