How to combine the use of breast pump machine to increase milk volume

Frequent feeding: at least 8-12 times of feeding should be arranged every 24 hours. If the baby sucks actively and happily, the number of times can be increased accordingly.

Two breasts are used for each meal, and one side is replaced after feeding: as long as the baby actively sucks, the mother should not rush to change the baby to the other side of the breast, unless they actively release the breast. This can ensure that the mother’s breast is more thoroughly emptied, and that the baby sucks the breast long enough to get a high-fat “aftermilk”, which helps the baby to gain weight. Before changing your baby to the other side of the breast, you can burp your baby and change diapers.

Multiple switching feeding of both breasts: each feeding, at least two or three switching feeding of both breasts helps to completely empty the breasts, and also enables the baby to eat more milk per meal.

Follow up with a breast pump: a more thorough emptying of the breast within one month of birth seems to be more effective than frequent feeding. The number of times of sucking is determined according to the actual situation of each day. When sucking each time, the milk should be sucked for another two minutes after it stops flowing out.

Rest and relax! Fatigue and tension can affect the expansion of the breast and the supply of milk. If you rest and relax enough, breast milk secretion will increase. Listen to relaxing music, do some exercise, or make time to do something you like.