How to improve the quality of the breast milk?

In fact, the stander of nutrition is not the more the better, but the more suitable for baby the better.

How can mother produce the breast milk suitable for babies?

1. Eat more foods with high nutritional value and increase your food intake by 20%: 10 types of foods with high nutritional value recommended by nutrition experts include: avocado, eggs, fish, linseed oil, lentils, sweet potatoes, tofu, tomatoes, whole grains Food, yogurt.

2. Supplement the right amount of protein: all kinds of meat, seafood, nuts, eggs, tofu, are very good protein, three meals a day. But you don’t need to eat too much in one meal, about 100g is enough.

3. Eat “good” fats: Fat is an important nutrient in breast milk. Because in the first year, the baby’s brain capacity will triple to that at birth, and 60% of brain tissue is made of fat.

The more well-known components of good fatty acids include DHA and AA, which are fatty acids that help your baby’s brain and vision development. Mothers can properly consume DHA-rich seafood such as kelp, laver, fish, and shellfish.

The bad fat is more famously called “trans fat”. This kind of fat cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body. It is the garbage of the human body and also appears in breast milk. It will “take up” the share of good fat. To eat or not to eat “trans fat”, common foods include: instant noodles, crispy snacks, fried snacks, and donuts.

4. Eat more plants: including fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed grains (coarse grains). These food plants are rich in various vitamins and trace elements. Breast milk will contain enough various vitamins and trace elements (only lack of vitamin D). These all depend on the stock in your body, so you should always eat more vegetables.

5. Calcium supplementation: Calcium is contained in breast milk during confinement, which can ensure the development of baby’s bones and other body parts, and these calcium come from the mother’s body. If the mother has insufficient calcium in her diet, the mother will have to take out the calcium in her bones and supply it to the baby, which will easily lead to osteoporosis or softening of mother. The Reference Intake of Dietary Nutrients for Chinese Residents recommends that nursing mothers consume 1000mg of calcium per day.