How to solve the mother’s embarrassment of spilled milk

During breastfeeding, sometimes the mother goes out too long, and the milk will overflow and clothes will easily get wet. If it is a mother with enough milk, even at home, sometimes the baby misses the drinking time, the mother will also encounter the embarrassing situation of overflowing milk. Fortunately, with the anti-spill pads, breastfeeding mothers no longer have to worry about their clothes getting wet with milk. They can help you avoid embarrassment in different seasons and occasions.

There are two common types of anti-overflow breast pads on the market. One is washable, strong and breathable. The other is disposable, thin and light, easy to use and disposable. No matter what type of anti-spill pad, you cannot use it for a long time, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria, so mothers must change the anti-spill pad frequently.

How often does the anti-spill pad change?

It depends on the breast milk secretion of the mother. Some breast-milk mothers produce more milk, so the storage time of the anti-spill pad may be less, and the replacement time may be shorter. Other mothers in addition to feeding their children, do not have extra milk secretion. The anti-overflow pads may be still very dry after all day long.

Generally, as long as the anti-spill pad is full, it can be replaced. However, even if there is only a small amount of milk secretion, the anti-spill pad is still need to be changed. It is necessary to replace the new anti-spill pad every 3 to 4 hours, because the nutritional content of milk is very high and easy to breed germs.

2 common questions about anti-spill pads

1) Is it necessary to buy anti-spill pad in winter?

The answer is yes. Moms prepare anti-spill pads as much as possible when preparing pre-natal packages. So as not to stain your clothes when going out or going out. Especially in winter, if the clothes get wet, changing them is particularly troublesome.

2) Is it too stuffy to use an anti-spill pad in summer?

Many moms rest themselves in the summer, drink soup every day, and have a lot of milk. They always leak milk accidentally, and easily wet their clothes and sheets. Moms were worried that they would be suffered with anti-spill pads. In fact, this problem can be easily solved by choosing a disposable anti-overflow breast pad that has good water absorption and is dry and breathable. Only in summer, mothers must change the anti-spill pads regularly, usually every 3 hours. And breastfeeding underwear should choose thin cotton, breathable bra, otherwise it will affect the breathability of the breast pad.


Jese anti-overflow pad, easily resolve the embarrassment of breast milk mothers overflowing milk. The texture is light and soft, like an anti-overflow breast pad that breathes. It fits the breast curve during lactation, and the water-absorbing polymer absorbs water instantly, protecting the sensitive nipples and areola of breast milk mothers.