Milk storage equipment

The container for breast milk shall be a plastic bottle (not containing bisphenol A) or glass bottle that is suitable for freezing and well sealed: a sterilizing bottle, a milk storage box or a breast milk storage bag (pre sterilized) matched with a sucking device.

Each container or breast milk bag only contains about 60 to – 120 ml of breast milk, i.e. about one meal for the baby to avoid waste. Do not fill the bottle or milk storage bag too full, please leave some space to prevent the container from bursting or sealing failure due to freezing.

Every container or breast milk storage bag shall be labeled with the date of sucking, so as to remind yourself and your family of the order of use.

It is not recommended to use disposable bottles or plastic bags, because the use of these will increase the risk of pollution. Bags are not durable and leak easily, and some types of plastic bags can damage the nutrients in breast milk.

It is recommended to use the Jese milk storage bag with good sealing and no bisphenol A, which is convenient for preservation and carrying. It is especially practical for breastfeeding at home or out. It can be used directly. Write down the time and amount of breast milk on Jesse’s special cute little sticker. If necessary, you can also mark the special food or medicine you eat that day.