Milk warmer uses and selection

The milk warmer is also called milk warmer. Its main function is to heat and keep warm. It can allow children who may cry at any time to drink breast milk with a suitable temperature or prepared formula.

Common uses of milk warmer:

1. Thaw frozen breast milk stored by mother; heat refrigerated breast milk;

2. Some babies drink milk intermittently. At this time, you can put the milk back into the milk warmer to keep warm;

3. Your baby drinks milk in the middle of the night. Especially in winter, it is easy to cool down after the breast milk is warmed up or after the formula is prepared;

4. It can heat the baby’s rice cereal, fruit juice and other food.

Selection conditions of the milk warmer:

1.Inner cavity diameter is larger than 7.5cm, can put wide-bore milk bottle

2. The depth of the inner cavity is greater than 8cm, so as not to expose a large section of the bottle, which will cause rapid heat dissipation and cause a slow temperature rise.

3.Temperature control range is 40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, low temperature is used for warming milk, medium temperature is used for heating rice cereal, high temperature is used for disinfecting and soothing small pieces

4. The heating power should be 80 ~ 110W. If the power is too small, warm milk, warm milk can not be achieved, and even milk cannot be heated. If the power is too large, it will accelerate the deformation and aging of the plastic shell.

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