Necessary equipment for carrying out in the workplace

1. Mommy bag

A large, durable and lightweight mummy bag is essential for carrying all these equipment.

Jese Mommy bag, a bag, solves the problem of carrying and storing milk!

The user-friendly design of upper and lower dry and wet layers can store the breast pump and breast milk storage bag separately,

Provide a safe and clean storage environment for your baby’s rations.

Adopt environmental protection aluminum foil layer material, keep fresh longer.

The vibrant orange color, coupled with a simple and fashionable appearance, is very versatile.

2. Electric sucking pump

Many mothers are struggling to buy electric or manual milkers. Manual sucking frequently causes tenosynovitis, while the electric sucking machine saves time and labor, is busy at work, and is especially valuable, and the electric sucking machine saves time.

Jese medical grade sucking machine, full range frequency conversion micro vibration, massage to stimulate lactation, so that the workplace mother sucks milk with half the effort.

1. USB charging mode allows you to charge at any time in the office. Moreover, when the lithium battery is fully charged, it can be used for 3 hours, fully meeting the needs of sucking milk for one day at work.

2. Compared with the ordinary sucking device, jese medical sucking device has fewer accessories, so it’s easy to install and clean!

3. milk bags

Take milk at least twice during work, and prepare 2 to 4 milk storage bags or sterilized milk bottles according to milk output. Every time you take milk, try to empty it as much as possible. If you do not empty it, the remaining milk may cause mastitis or reduce the amount of milk. The milk container should be put into the refrigerator immediately. If there is no refrigerator in the office, the milk storage container should be put into the ice bag and close to the frozen ice bag.

In case of milk preparation or considering hygiene and portability, it is recommended to use disposable milk storage bag. Breast milk will expand after freezing. Do not fill it up when loading. Squeeze out the air before sealing the bag, and try to leave some gaps to prevent the bag from bursting. Label each breast milk storage bag with a date to remind yourself and your family.

The jese milk storage bag without bisphenol A is easy to carry and store. It can be used directly. Write down the time and amount of breast milk on Jesse’s special cute little sticker. If necessary, you can also mark the special food or medicine you eat that day.

4. ice pack

Ice bag can ensure the preservation of breast milk. The ice bag should be frozen in the freezer, and then taken out and put into the mummy bag together with breast milk at work.

In addition, if some breast-feeding mothers feel that the sanitary conditions of the refrigerator in the office are not ideal, they can put the milk storage bag and ice bag containing breast milk into the mummy bag to keep fresh. The fresh breast milk can be stored for 8-10 hours in the mummy bag of – 15 ° C-4 ° C, but the times of repeated opening should be minimized.

5. Anti overflow milk pad

Sometimes the company’s meeting or training time is too long, and the milk carrying mothers are suffering from milk inflation and serious milk spilling. In order to avoid the embarrassment of breast milk touching clothes and bacteria easily growing when it penetrates into bra, back milk mothers can use it with disposable anti overflow pad. Pay attention to change frequently! For consumables like this, you can put more boxes in the office.

Jese anti overflow milk pad can easily solve the small embarrassment of mothers in the workplace. It’s light, breathable and comfortable.

6. food

Moms carrying milk need more energy. They are hungry fast. It is recommended to bring some snacks, fruits and nuts to replenish energy at any time