Position for Breast feeding

Mothers can refer to the picture below and If you find a position that you and your baby both feel comfortable and baby doesn’t make any noise, that is the most comfortable position for you without any nipple pain.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of feeding, “C” shaped breast care posture, convenient for the baby to eat milk. The index finger supports the base of the breast, the hand rests on the chest wall under the breast, and the thumb is placed above the breast; the two fingers can gently press the breast to improve the shape of the breast, and the baby is easy to connect; the hand holding the breast should not be too close to the nipple.

If the mother’s breasts are large and drooping, holding the breasts by hand can help the breast milk to flow out; if the mother’s breasts are small and tall, it is not necessary to hold the breasts when feeding.

Whether the baby’s breast position is correct or not is directly related to whether the baby can get enough milk. When the baby’s breast position is not correct, the mother will feel pain in the nipple or suffer from nipple splitting.

Tips for nipple pain

①Squeeze a little breast milk by hand and smear the breast milk on the nipple three to five times one day. Mother’s breast milk has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

②Using Lanolin Cream

If the nipple is chapped, smear a little bit of sheep fat on the nipple to repair the damaged area and connect the cracks as soon as possible.

③Keep your nipple clean

The nipple needs to be kept clean. Clean it daily with mild water