Preparation before breast pumping

1. A private and comfortable place for breast pumping.

2. A cup of water or some healthy snacks.

3. Meditation and music is helpful for you to relax.

4. Pictures of babies; voice of babies and the clothes with your baby smell are helpful for milk ejection reflex.

5. Give your breast a hot compress is helpful for breast pumping.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a lot of milk the first time you pump. Because breast pumping is a whole new skill for new mother, your body needs to be used to have milk-ejection reflex while you facing the breast pump instead of your baby. When you are still learning how to breast pumping, you can use the pictures of your baby or the clothes with the smell of your baby to promote milk-ejection reflex, a breast massage is also helpful for breast pumping.

When you get used to use the breast pump for pumping, you can do other things like watching a book or TV.