Preservation time

Room temperature-19~26 four hours

Cold storage- Single door refrigerator 24 hours

Cold storage-Two door refrigerator < 4 72hours

Freezing- Single door refrigerator 2weeks

Freezing-Two door refrigerator 2-3months

Freezer- -18~20 6months

Do not store breast milk in the refrigerator door because the temperature is not stable. Thawed breast milk should be stored in refrigerator and consumed within 12 hours. Refrigerated breast milk shall be heated with a milk warmer or warm water (< 60 ℃) before consumption. Frozen breast milk can be thawed in the refrigerator in advance, or it can be naturally thawed by flushing with flowing water. Do not use microwave or boil to heat human milk, which will destroy the active ingredients in human milk.

Breast milk will have stratification phenomenon after frozen placement (separation of milk fat and milk water), which is normal, shake well. It’s normal that stored breast milk breaks down and looks a little blue, yellow or brown. After reheating, the loss of breast milk nutrition is very small, so mothers don’t have to worry about malnutrition. In addition, it should be noted that the unfrozen milk should not be frozen again; do not add fresh milk to the frozen milk.