Electric Breast Pump js-400b


·DUAL MODE – JESE Electric Single Breast Pump offers efficient pumping without causing pain and discomfort. Stimulation mode: a rapid, gentle pumping rhythm to stimulate milk flow. Expression mode: a slower, strong suction to maximize milk flow.
·MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL – All parts that come into contact with breast milk are made of PPSU (100% BPA free), and it is highly resistant to high temperature.
·CUSTOMIZABLE PUMPING – 9 adjustable suction levels for breastfeeding moms to choose what’s most effective and comfortable for them. LED screens displaying timer and levels provide great visibility for every session. Memory Function automatically records your last pumping level.
·CLOSED SYSTEM – A hygienic closed system prevents breast milk back flow into tube and motor while pumping. This helps to protect the breast milk from access to bacterial and mold.
·EASY STORAGE & MOBILITY – Built-in rechargeable battery and compact design makes it easy to carry around and pump conveniently. 2800mAh lithium battery: 3-hour battery time between charges.

Product reference:612677928725

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