Dehumidifier JS-904A


·HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE – Too much humidity usually leads to uncomfortable and unhealthy living space. JESE dehumidifier extracts moisture and offers you ideal humidity. It works better between 59F and 95F, with rated humidity of 45%-90% and with good ventilation around the device.
·POWERFUL IN SMALL SIZE – Compact and portable size with powerful dehumidification though. JESE Dehumidifier removes up to 9oz of water per day with a 18oz water tank, which is perfect for small rooms between 110-220 square feet like bedroom, bathroom, RV trailer, Camper or Caravan.
·SAFETY & ENERGE SAVING – JESE dehumidifier shuts off automatically when the tank is full or drawn out. That’s why it’s also energy saving and bill friendly, especially it consumes only 0.528kwh/day. When full, the indicator light shuts off to remind you of emptying the water tank.

Product reference:612677932081

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