Steps for proper use of breast pump.

1. Use the liquid soap to wash your hand and dry with a clean towel.

2. Prepare the clean, sterilized breast pumps and milk containers.

3. Start by gently massaging the breasts, from the top of the nipple to the middle of the nipple, and from the bottom to the middle. Repeat several times to make sure the entire breast is massaged. You can also massage the breasts while you are In the process of breast suction , that is conducive to promote milk spray reflex.

4. Place the nipple in the center of the pump, set the main engine to low suction, turn on the switch and relax.

5. Slowly increase the power level of the pump until it is the highest level of you can bear (sometimes not the highest level of the pump).

6. Continue sucking until one breast become soft from hard, and then switch to the other. Lower the suction and repeat the massage.

7. If you need more milk, the mother can alternate between the left and right breasts for suction several times.

8. You can use your hands to squeeze the breast for a few minutes after breast pumping to help empty the breast.