Three periods for breast massage

Generally speaking, women can massage their breasts in three periods: pregnancy, pre-lactation and post-lactation. Professionally recognized breast massage and breast tube dredging are suitable for special groups such as expectant mothers or novice mothers. It should be noted that it is recommended to go to the hospital for a comprehensive breast examination before pregnancy to treat benign breast diseases such as fibroids.

Benefits of breast massage during pregnancy:

1) Help expectant mothers build confidence in breastfeeding.

2) Massage the breasts and clean the nipples, which can remove the dirt caused by the metabolism in the breast ducts and the fibers falling off from the underwear, and reduce the milk siltation caused by the blocked breast ducts.

3) Properly stimulate the nipples and areola, make the skin of the nipples stronger, and reduce the occurrence of skin cracking of the nipples after breastfeeding.

4) Enhance the elasticity of breast skin and ligaments to prevent sagging breasts after delivery.

Important reminder: Pay attention to reduce the stimulation of nipple during the third trimester (after 28 weeks of pregnancy), which may cause contractions.

Benefits of massaging your breasts before breastfeeding:

1.Massage the breasts and clean the nipples can stimulate the lactation reflexes and secrete fresh milk in time to give your baby comprehensive nutrition

2.Massage the breast, squeeze the nipple and lacteal sinus behind the areola, which can stimulate the milk ejection reflex, making the baby faster and more labor-saving.

3.It can push the milk secreted by the marginal gland of the breast to the lactiferous ducts better and reduce the milk deposition.

Steps of massage.

Step 1: Apply a warm towel to the entire breast for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2: Breast massage, you can choose different massage methods.

1. Ring massage: Put your hands on the top and bottom of the breast and massage the entire breast in a circular direction.

2. Spiral massage: Hold the breast with one hand, and massage the forefinger and middle finger with a spiral in the direction of the nipple.

3. Shiatsu massage: open your hands on both sides of the breast and squeeze it from the breast to the nipple.

Step 3: gently hold up the breast, press the position of the milk sinus behind the areola with the index finger and thumb, and squeeze out the milk.