Tips for carrying out

In addition to carrying milk in the workplace, the other two situations of carrying milk outside are also a big test for lactating mothers, that is, traveling and business trips. How to keep enough milk during this period? How to keep breast milk during going out? How to take breast milk home safely? In fact, as long as planning and preparation are made in advance, the problem of breastfeeding in different places can be easily solved.

1. Prepare enough food for the baby according to the days away from home

It’s better to have more inventory to deal with the special situation of vehicle delay or temporary travel change.

2. Prepare milk carrying equipment before going out

Electric sucking device, mummy bag, anti overflow pad, milk storage bag, a small amount of ice bag. The anti overflow pad can avoid the embarrassment of overflow in the process of playing or traveling. Breast milk storage bags can be brought a little more, especially breast milk storage bags. The breast milk sucked out can be covered with two-layer milk storage bags. During the storage process, other foods can be isolated to prevent breast milk from being polluted, and dual protection can be provided during long-distance transportation.

3. Know the situation of the check-in place in advance

For example, if you live in a home stay, do you have a refrigerator at home, and do you have a frozen layer in the refrigerator. If it’s a hotel, know in advance whether the hotel can help to temporarily store the freezer, because most hotel rooms have limited space in the freezer layer.

If it is placed in the hotel’s freezer, you can put multiple milk storage bags into a larger and sealable vacuum bag, and then give it to the staff of the hotel, and ask them to store it in the hotel’s freezer at minus 18 degrees. It can be written on the vacuum bag that this is breast milk. If it is in a foreign country, it needs to be marked in the local language to remind other people to pay special attention when using the freezer.

4. Keep sucking and do well in milk storage

During going out, mother can’t ignore the signal of milking. It’s better to suck every 3 hours, because regular sucking can ensure the continuous secretion of milk. If you can’t go back to your house during the day, you can put breast milk and ice bags in your mommy’s bag for temporary storage. After returning at night, breast milk is immediately put into a milk storage bag and transferred to a freezer at minus 18 degrees. If you need to keep breast milk until you bring it home to your baby, it is suggested that the milk storage bag should not be too full. If it is a 200 ml milk storage bag, you can divide breast milk into 100 ml bags, because breast milk is easy to expand after freezing.

5. Ensure safe transportation

Prepare tools to transport breast milk in advance. In addition to the daily suitcase, if mother expects to store a large amount of breast milk, it is advisable to consider buying a medical grade suitcase for delivering vaccines in advance. Because vaccines usually need to be stored at low temperature in the process of transportation, the boxes for medical transportation of vaccines are more suitable. You can choose a vaccine transport box with an internal temperature indicator, so that mother can observe the internal temperature at any time.

In order to better protect breast milk during transportation, if the box is not enough, more ice bags can be stuffed in. Then, continue to lay a layer of soft towel on the top layer to play the role of insulation and isolation.

6. If you are flying, if you are not sure about the delivery process of breast milk, you can ask your friends who have similar experience, or the more direct way is to ask the airport or airline customer service personnel.

I hope that when you go out for a trip to relax or go on a business trip, you can take care to keep sucking and bring your precious breast milk home smoothly. When you get home, remember to suck more milk for your baby. It’s matter who feeds her milk.