Tips for dehumidify and moistureproof the bathroom

After each bath for the baby, the hot air is diffused in the bathroom. When the exhaust is not fast enough, the hot air is not easy to escape, which causes the bathroom to become extremely humid. If the time is long, bacteria and mold are easy to breed, and the smell will also be brought. parents should try the following tips.

1. Dry and wet isolation

Some bathrooms are particularly prone to humidity because there is no division between dry and wet areas. A very simple way is to install the shower curtain. Although the shower curtain can not completely isolate the water vapor, but compared with the fully open bathroom space, it still has a certain role. The shower curtain locks most of the water vapor in the shower area, which helps to improve the humid environment.

2. Air exchange and dehumidification

The ventilator is on before and after the bath, and after the bath, first use the mop to absorb the excess water from the ground, and then use the dry mop to drag the ground again. When the weather is good, you can relieve the humidity problem by opening windows for ventilation. When it’s cloudy and rainy, a small dehumidifier can be used in a bathroom with too small space and slow air flow.

The working principle of the dehumidifier is that the fan in the unit draws in the moist air, through the heat exchanger, the moisture in the air is condensed into water drops, after treatment, it becomes dry hot air and is discharged out of the unit, so that the indoor humidity is reduced. Therefore, it can extract too much water vapor from the environment in a short time, keep the bathroom dry, reduce the possibility of bacteria and mold breeding, and the peculiar smell will disappear naturally.

3. Using dehumidifier skillfully

Dehumidifier also has a small use, that is, it can be used to accelerate the drying of clothes in the bathroom. Because most families in China do not have special dryers. In rainy days or wet seasons, clothes are getting more and more wet on the balcony. At this time, you can transfer your clothes to the bathroom and turn on the dehumidifier. When using dehumidifier, use fan at the same time, speed up the air flow speed, you can dry clothes faster.

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